Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sau Dard ki ek DAVA.....

A for Aristocrat,B for Black Dog,Bacardi and many more.Those ,who have been ragged "properly" in the first year must have mugged the full ABC.Actually at that time most of us were used to be Non drinkers.But by the end of 1st year many of our Innocent friends had become victim of this "Drinking thing".People say Drinking is Dangerous to health.Govt is following a Dichotomous approach on this matter,they want to earn huge profit from it along with pasting some horrible pics on the Liquor Bottles as a statuory warning to warn people.
There could be a lot of reasons why people started drinking,they may say"It' has become a social need","It makes them feel better".......etc.But one thing i can clearly state that Maaza(mango) is above par in taste than those Drinks.So what makes people prefer them over such tastier,healthy drinks inspite of knowing those Bitter facts?Moreover what i found is that the alcohol is not digested by our stomach rather by the liver.While alcohol is waiting to be processed by the liver it travels in the blood through the heart to all the other organs of the body, including the brain.It can makes people feel "revved up" by closing down different circuits in the brain.
If you'll have smaller dosages then it increases the electrical activity in the brain affecting pleasure thus acts like an accelerator.Alcohol also acts on the serotonin system, which increases self-confidence and reduces depression. Drinking more than a couple of drinks can ruin any short-term emotional gains.But unfortunately my dear it's usually short lived.
So if you'll keep on having more pegs,it starts interfering with some of the chemical messages in your brain. It can make you clumsy, affect your coordination and slurrs your speech. It dramatically reduces your ability to learn and form memories, which is why people experience "blackouts." Regular drinking sessions can make it very difficult to learn new skills or retain new knowledge.(Mind it !you GRE/CAT preparing People)......Soooo this all was about the scientific stuff which i could get from the various sources,which most of us know.
But even after knowing all above scientific facts you can easily find people making ruckus,chaos after drinking.I didn't know why people do antics after one day i also drank a lot or you can say i become totally "Talli",just to experience what makes people to do things like that.But my experience was different,after becoming talli,i was not able to open my eyes,neither able to stand properly,although my mind was in controlnext day i even realized that my Reaction time had increased in those moments.Nearby people were trying to feed me with some "achar" or "Lemon-salt" to reduce the effect.After all that Nautanki that happened some of ma well-wishers took me to my room and made me sleep there.By that time i had vommited 2/3 times .In the whole process i was aware of each and everything and was praying god to help me out this "last" time and will never drink again.
Next day when i woke up,i was felling dizzy.Due to dehydration,i wasn't able to eat anything and kept felling that i'll vommit the next moment.So i would say that i didn't feel like creating any chaos or troubling strangers or shouting at them .I remember almost everything i did on that drinking night.Then what compells people to do things like that,Why do they want to loose their identity in those times,an next day they'll say"yaar,i did that bcoz i was drank("talli") at dat time"......not at all man,one can'nt b exempted from being guilty by saying this.Is this all about one's Frustation which finds a easy way to come out through drinking w/o being accused or are they mentally,physically unfit to drink?I am not against Drinking.but due to some rabble-rousers this habit have become a kind of social evil.
Moral of the story is that if you'll drink slowly slowly and according to your capacity(which i think is proportional to ur body weight)then you'll really enjoy it after a while.But If you'll drink in larger quantities either to proove your Large Capacity or to show how 'Royal' you are,Then there are chances that you'll lose your identity soon and may become a problem for nearby people esp for your non drinking friend who had accompanied you to the BAR(Equator/Sky lark).

Sunday, August 2, 2009

When i got to know that ma roomy is a..........

Hello everyone.....i am blogging for the first time in my life.This is about my room mate.He is a great guy and recently has taken a Bold decision and shocked most of us.So life around him has changed a little bit,although he had thought that it'll become a hell after that step.Being his roomy since last one year,i would like to share some things with u guys and would like to clarify the whole mess .
We used to share a good rapport since first year.Our tuning was good.But it was only in the third year that we beacame roomies.By that he had become a reserved person,Actually his experience with his second year room mate was not good.Initially he never shares anything ,all the time he was busy with his laptop,Being a ojlly person i started hating his silence.Finally, in the month of september we had a Big fight in which i insisted rather forced him to change the room.Later he agreed to do so.But then one of our common friend intervened in between and solved the matter.Thereafter he changed alittle bit but he didnt stopped blogging.
He is also greatly associated with our college newsletter.As far as i can figure out he is among the most dedicated members of the group.He never gives a second thought before doing any type of work realted to the Newsletter.For that i respect him a lot,although i havent praised him on his face.But his dedication is admirable.He is still associated with it.He also has some female members in the newsletter group.Everyone of us in the branch and in the hostel used to taunt him for those girls inspite of knowing that there is nothing between them,Actually we all do that in this age.taunting,teasing etc...we get a real joy by doing all that crap.
So by the ending of the V semester of engg course,i think he probably had judged me finally and started sharing and enjoying with me.So everythng started going well.Both of can feel the Respect we give to our friendship.
He used to have a male pic as his dekstop wallpaper.But as you all know Students of our age generally have Hot Hot girls on their dekstops so this was somewhat akward for me.Infact for all who see that,so we used to taunt him that u are a “GAY”.He always chuckles on this,no other stronger reactions,like no....... how can u think like that. etc etc.But he never stopped doing that and as the time passed he started changing his MALE wallpapers quickly.Sometimes i tried to discuss this matter with him seriously but i myself was very busy in those days..Later one day i saw one objectionable site name on his lappy.So i started making fun of him...but he tried to react normally.Since those were exam days so i left the matter.But later I found that he was sweating like anything.Finally after 1/2 hour he asked me,that not to share it with anyone(that website matter).Before that i was taking that matter as a mediocre.But after that he forced me think seriously on that.Although i said emphatic yes to him but is spent whole night thinking about the same.There were several questions in my mind like,is there anything wrong with him,is he actually a “GAY”.But i left the matter to him that if there would have any possibility like that then he w‘ll definitely tell me first,because i thought he considers me as a very good friend...But he didnt tell me ........After the exams we all left for aur trainings...In the month of june,High court of delhi legalized homosexuality....controversies are still going on that....But it gave confidence to those who don’t have ,to come up openly,publicaly...Actually many western countries have legalised it properly.In india its in initial stages.
Then when i came back i heard that my room mate has publicaly accepted on his blog that he is GAY.I got shocked by hearing that.people started teasing me.People considered me as his sexual partner,but due to some or the othet reasons they didn’t have any strong evidence to prove that.Later when i saw his blog in which he has clearly mentioned that “If someone has got problem with that then he should tell me on my face”.But i think only few has done that.Few has discussed this topic calmly,cleanly with him,including me.Rest are talking ill behind him.They forced me to leave him,but failed abusmally.Then I thought about the whole matter and came to the conclusion that there is no question of leaving,he has’nt done anything wrong.Its all about one’s Perception.
I just wanna ask one qusetion from those problamatic people that have they seen the date of that blog posting.My dear friends its FEB...he has posted that well before the 377 passed.He had taken a bold decision.If high court has got no problem with that the who are we.On one side we claim to be modern people on the other hand we are not accepting something that west has accepted a long before.This is all about human values.If that person is nice towards you than what's the problem...OHHHH u must b thinking that he may sexually harrass you,that's y people were interested in his sexual partner.No one had thought anything about his him,they were just interested in the partner only,so that they can make fun of him too.My dear frns do every NORMAL people like YOU has got a sexual partner(does everyone has got a sexual male/female partner with him .)Its just a matter of attraction.A normal guy is attracted towards a girl.In a similar he has got a attraction towars his own sexuality,dats it.Nothing else.Its not about sex.We should not relate sex with one’s Identity.You should concentrate on your part.Is he still loyal to you,as he used to be.If yes then what’s the problem man.
He wrote that blog in feb,at that time no one knows,but you got to know today only.Moreover he is not like that since 1/2 years.Just think about him.He must have thought thousands of times before accepting it openly,at that time even 377 was'nt legalized.He just want to be the one ”who he actually is”.what if someone tries to snatch your name/personality moreover ACTUALITY from you.I think its high time to be with him instead of treating him like a non touchable person.He has'nt committed crime.He his still the same friend as he was,its just the matter of fact that you know today that he is a gay.We should accept him as a normal human being because he IS.I am not talking about him only,i am talking about the whole community.Thay are as normal as we are.Stop behaving like Fools.
Finally as just wanna say that in whole episode one thing that disappointed me in that he should have came to me first.It was shocking when you hear such things from outsiders.Roomies share a special bond.But still i am with him......what about you guys?If you have any problem in discussing the matter with him then u can come to me first..u are always welcomed,But don’t talk ill behind him,try to speak on his face.